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Samriddhi Yogshala is a tranquil yoga retreat center, tucked away on the beaches of a culturally diverse and vibrant tourist spot Goa. This modest state is situated along the Western Ghats of the Indian subcontinent.
Samriddhi means 'growth or prosperity, we at Samriddhi Yogshala, specialize in yoga courses where you will be guided by our experienced yogis. Their sessions constitute the values that align with the eight limbs of yoga, as defined by the guru Patanjali in Ashtanga. It evenly distributes the weightage amongst the eight limbs, so you can get a well-balanced experience of the asanas and pranayamas. This makes it a perfect opportunity for both amateurs and experienced yoga practitioners to join us on this retreat.
We offer quaintly serene rooms amid the scenic beauty of Goa. We serve vegetarian, nutritious, and wholesome meals, freshly prepared off a menu that blends Indian and various other global cuisines. All these amenities together result in a positive and nourishing impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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Overview of Yoga Teacher Training Course

Our famous Yoga Teacher Training Course attracts a diverse group of students from around the globe. It combines the knowledge of a traditional yoga teacher training course within the free-spirited Goa atmosphere. The yoga teacher training course consists of the regulatory 200 hour yoga teacher training essential for you to become a certified yoga instructor, making you eligible for registration with the Yoga Alliance, USA.
We cater to a variety of interests, schedules, and financial capacities ranging from our famous 200 - 300 & 500 hours yoga teacher training course to our rejuvenating yoga retreat in Goa, India.

Reasons why you should enroll in our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course:
  • You want to experience and comprehend yoga, the yogic philosophy, and the yogic way of life at a deeper level.
  • You wish to improve and advance your asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques.
  • You aspire to learn and practice yoga teaching in a supportive and non-competitive yet demanding environment.
  • You seek a thoroughly organized, anatomically accurate, and simplistic way of learning to make your teaching method effective and easy to understand.
  • You wish to propagate the yoga teachings to those interested and support them in their pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle.
  • You wish to spend time learning about yoga and its teachings with like-minded people from different social-cultural backgrounds in a relaxing and welcoming environment.
  • You seek to improve your ability to adapt and physical strength under the guidance of professional staff and learned instructors.

Benifits Of Yoga

Addition of Energy

Add energy to your day through the yoga activities that would spiritually enlighten you and would provide you with the energising lasting throughout.

Renewing of Mind

Renew your mind and your vibes that are associated with it through the spiritual and physical practice of Yoga.

Create cool mind

Yogic practices would have a calming effect on your soul and would provide you with a cool temperament toward situations in life.

Quality Trainers

With proficient and skilled trainers teaching at Samriddhi Yogshala, you can be the part of the course that would be guided with knowledge and experience.

Stretch Body

Reach your potential while making your body flexible with the Asanas that would be the part of the sessions.

Improves Body Posture

Improve your body posture and make it align with the Chakras inside and develop a charismatic personality that would be attractive and magnificent to look at.


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What Client Say's

Christine Felepie

Namaste! One of the best decisions I made in my life is to join 7 Day Meditation Yoga Retreat in Goa, India. I had a great yoga journey with "Samriddhi Yogshala". The teachers are really kind and they corrected our postures with utmost care. I would suggest each and everyone who is planning to do a yoga retreat in goa select this yoga retreat center. It was a pleasure to be a part of Samriddhi Yogshala, Definitely recommended it. Thanks to all of you!! It has been a wonderful experience.

Rebecca Fabby

I am really glad that we encounter Samriddhi Yogshala for our retreat, we really enjoyed the classes and the knowledge they give to us, always trying to share the essence of India's heritage and that is really valuable, besides super flexible with our time. I really enjoyed 10 Day Yoga Retreat in Goa, me and my friend really great time in India.

Hannah Clawh

The fantastic Yoga Experience at Samriddhi Yogshala. It is the best yoga + meditation + holiday retreat in goa. I had been looking for a yoga retreat to increase my knowledge about yoga and meditation in goa, India. For those people who are looking for a yoga holiday in India, you must come to Samriddhi Yogshala. Overall my trip was amazing.

James Muench

I have such experience from seven days meditations retreat course which helps me to learn how to meditate and the right postures for yoga. Actually, after visiting this place, I really realize that meditation/yoga/detox and all this stuff need proper guidance and only youtube is not at all sufficient here in Samriddhi Yogshala, I happily had such real guidance with knowledge and philosophy behind these...

Anna Kacerperak

Want to give yourself a break?? Ok, let's plan a tour. Travel meant to give you rejuvenating break can be tiring as well. Why not combine your travel with some yoga, meditation, and guided stretches on the shore of the excursion? Samriddhi Yogshala is the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself in the best possible way. Book your travel along with a yoga retreat by Samriddhi Yogshala. Looking forward to another yoga retreat soon. Best trip of my life so far. Do try!!

Kush khamar

I had one of the best times of my life at Samriddhi Yogshala by doing a Meditation Yoga Retreat in Goa, India. The location is perfect, close to the beach. I made some good friends over here and my best wishes to the SYS family. Next time I will definitely come again.