Take your Yoga to the next level with "Samriddhi"

Samriddhi Yogshala is a tranquil yoga retreat center, tucked away on the beaches of a culturally diverse and vibrant tourist spot Goa. This modest state is situated along the Western Ghats of the Indian subcontinent.
Samriddhi means 'growth or prosperity, we at Samriddhi Yogshala, specialize in yoga courses where you will be guided by our experienced yogis. Their sessions constitute the values that align with the eight limbs of yoga, as defined by the guru Patanjali in Ashtanga. It evenly distributes the weightage amongst the eight limbs, so you can get a well-balanced experience of the asanas and pranayamas. This makes it a perfect opportunity for both amateurs and experienced yoga practitioners to join us on this retreat.
We offer quaintly serene rooms amid the scenic beauty of Goa. We serve vegetarian, nutritious, and wholesome meals, freshly prepared off a menu that blends Indian and various other global cuisines. All these amenities together result in a positive and nourishing impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

About Samriddhi Yogshala

Allowing the wholesome energies to enter the body via the traditional yogic practices of Yoga and Meditation, Samriddhi Yogshala is the place where you can feel lightened and energised at the same time with the confluence of the mind and the body giving birth to the new light from within.

Be part of the process that values the complete nature of fulfilment and gain from all the aspects that are involved. Here is Samriddhi Yogshala with its most dynamically pleasing yoga sessions that are filled with serenity and peaceful ambiance that would soothe each soul.

Gaining prominence and significance from its name itself, Samriddhi Yogshala wants all the people to come and be blessed with feelings that are pleasurable and make you feel content again in life.

Take away the goodness that has been inculcated in the legacy of yogic practices which is being catered to you through Samriddhi Yogshala and its dedicated trainers and teachers who are being your medium in this world of today.

Proficient Teachers of Yoga at Samriddhi Yogshala
  • Since the source of knowledge should always be the most genuine and authentic part of any beginning, Samriddhi Yogshala truly believes in this idealistic approach and hence is here with its most proficient team of teachers and mentors that would not obey be guiding you with their skills but would also be enlightening you with their experience and guidance that they have gathered over the years practising in this very field.

  • With a unique pattern of training and teaching which has been part of each session at Samriddhi Yogshala, owes great credit to the marvellous team of teachers who are glorifying the name of Samriddhi Yogshala each day by contributing immensely and maintaining the dignity of Yogic practice and training as well.

  • With expertise in the concepts like Ashtanga, Hatha, yin, and more, you would always be in the right hands while having room for improvement with each session that would be aimed at excellence and nothing less.

  • Come at Samriddhi Yogshala and set out on a journey that would be lined with blissful experiences and would also be made authentic with on-ground practices and live sessions that would be part of your day making it even more reverberating and rejuvenating.

  • Hold our hands and come all the way to Samriddhi Yogshala at Goa, India and step on the land which has all the vibrations of tranquillity being your tranquilliser for a lifetime.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Yoga Holidays, and Yoga Retreats in India

You can be part of the Samriddhi Yogshala yoga teacher training program and be entitled to have the training under the courses of the 200 and 300 hour program that would also have in the other programs like the Meditation and Yin yoga sessions as well.

Book your package now and be part of this tremendous initiative that is going to be yours in the form of a course designed for the best results. Samriddhi Yogshala pays attention to all the vital parts of living which include accommodation, healthy surroundings, and a serene climate which is all looked after well and managed in the most effective format with all the heads combined providing you the most memorable experience that would always resonate with you.

Transform your energies in the most lively way and make each minute count and contribute significantly towards the existence making it more meaningful.