Terms and conditions of participating in Samriddhi Yogshala Yoga Retreat:

  1. I am voluntarily part of the sessions, workshops, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, and courses that are being organized by Samriddhi Yogshala. Apart from this I also give my consent to voluntarily be part of the Pranayama. Asana, Chanting, hands-on adjustment, Meditation, and other add-one sessions are being organized by Samriddhi Yogshala. I am willing to participate in other Yoga related activities that would be organised during the session of my own free volition.
  2. It has been notified already that participation in the sessions and part of the exercises would require energy in both mental and physical forms. Though all the precautionary measures have been listed and taken by the Samriddhi Yogshala organization and the utmost level of care is involved in each of the sessions, despite that, I understand that there might be some injuries or mishappenings that might occur during the process. Effects of weather conditions like humidity or heat and cold might be the natural causes of getting ill. risk by some animals, nature, or some food items are all known well to me before participating and are all being acknowledged by me as well.
  3. I take full responsibility for the fact that I have consulted my doctors for any of my medical conditions in terms of taking permission from them to participate in the retreat sessions. I, therefore, take into consideration that Samriddhi Yogshala would have no medical obligation or any kind of responsibility in health-related terms. No emergency medical treatment or standing medical staff would be present from the side of Samriddhi Yogshala. Samriddhi Yogshala would never be responsible for any of the treatment that I might be receiving on my own in private terms.
  4. I hereby acknowledge the fact that I am stating myself to be physically fit and I also agree that I do not have any medical condition, therefore I shall be lending my full participation in all the activities at the retreat that I have applied for. If I am having any previous injuries, I shall be responsible for all outcomes of participating in the activities. I do not want any of the teachers at Samriddhi Yogshala to support me with any kind of medical consultation/ treatment or recommendation of any kind throughout my time with Samriddhi Yogshala.
  5. If by any chance I am encountered with any of the injuries during my time at Samriddhi Yogshala, I shall be fully accounted for my medical treatment. I shall be obliged to pay all the amount related to my treatment which is the hospitalisation, doctors, transportation to the hospital, and more. Samriddhi Yogshala can provide me with external medical support but at all my own expense without Samriddhi Yogshala being responsible for any such thing. Samriddhi Yogshala also recognizes the fact that people/ staff and teachers are well qualified in their own realm but cannot provide me with any of the medical diagnoses at any time.
  6. If I am pregnant, then I take sole responsibility for myself and have permission from my private doctor for this participation. I am fully responsible for any of the conditions that I am encountered at Samriddhi Yogshala which can be related to health and shall never blame Samriddhi Yogshala for any of the happening. I undertake the responsibility for my own health and that of my unborn child/ children as well. If I am not fit to participate in any of the activities/ sessions by Samriddhi Yogshala then I shall inform Samriddhi Yogshala at the earliest due to which Samriddhi Yogshala has the full authority to prohibit me from participating in any of the activities/sessions. However, if I have not disclosed or have disclosed my medical conditions to Samriddhi Yogshala whereby I am still persistent in participating in the activities, I shall fully be taking responsibility at my own risk.
  7. I fully understand that yoga practices involve physical instruction and adjustments by the instructor and I accept such necessary adjustments. Moreover, if I am not willing to receive such instructions due to any of my own reasons or health conditions then I shall inform prior about it to my teacher/ instructor.
  8. I would also take the entire responsibility for all my assets and any damage caused to any of them would be my own responsibility. Samriddhi Yogshala would never be responsible for any of it bearing Any kind of responsibility in any terms.
  9. I also understand that the amount of 400 Euros that have been deposited by me is fully non-refundable and would not be cancelled/ transferred to another person in any of the conditions whatsoever. This payment can only be transferred to any of the other courses that have been chosen by me in case I choose to inform the authorities at Samriddhi Yogshala prior to at least one month before the start of the course.
  10. I am not liable to pay any of the amounts which were required as payment upon my arrival if I am not able to join the course or reach Samriddhi Yogshala due to any reason of my own.
  11. If I am arriving at Samriddhi Yogshala for the course, I understand that I am liable to pay the remaining balance of the “fee on arrival” which cannot be refunded, or transferred and is non-cancellable in nature. I am responsible for the online or physical fee payment made by me to Samriddhi Yogshala.
  12. I understand that Samriddhi Yogshala has all the authority to make changes/modify or shift the course content, change the teacher or reschedule classes without any prior notice to the students.
  13. I am also giving my complete consent to share my name, email, and phone number with Samriddhi Yogshala and it can be passed on to associated partners like Yoga Alliance Professional for them to invite me for being registered as a Trainer and Trainee. I know that I have options for not participating in this process and opting out.
  14. I am giving my permission to Samriddhi Yogshala in order to click photos and take videos of the events being organised which I am a part of. They can also publish and use these images and videos for all lawful purposes. I can also take my own photos and videos and can use them on social media as well. Permission of students and teachers that are in the photos should be taken primarily before posting them online.
  15. I can take the refund three months in advance after making the complete payment of the amount for the course at Samriddhi Yogshala. After this time refunds might not be claimed. The refund amount shall include minus 400 Euros along with the transaction charges.
  16. After reading all the information and knowing the facts, I agree for myself, and any of the persons related to me or acting on behalf of me, not to harm, waive, release and covenant not to sue Samriddhi Yogshala, and any of the trainers, officers, employees, organisers on account of any of the liabilities or action related to me which can also include death. I have read and understood all the facts mentioned and gave my consent to Samriddhi Yogshala.